Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Profile Picture!

Now, stop making such a noise about me finally having put a picture on my G-Talk profile. Let's just say I had to do it. Stop being such easily pleased people for the love of God! "Oooooh, Martin Meganath finally has a profile pic", "Martin, whose photo is that", ("your fathers" - I want to say), "Look who put up a profile pictuuuure", "Oh my God! What's wrong with you? You put a picture?". All these comments to me are just people with very low satisfaction levels and no sense of humor at all. (Is there such a thing as a negative sense of humor). Oh, and also, "HE HE HE.." is in the same category as the others.

BTW, while I was going through the my contacts on G-Talk, I realised NONE of them have even remotely flattering pictures. NONE! Not a single person. NOBODY! Tch.. Tch.. Okay if any of my bosses in office are reading this - you're not included in the list and why do we have to use G-Talk? I mean are we going to start using FB (the jargon of "the generation") next?

Also, since I'm the author of this blog, I can delete any comment you post here. It'll be like it never existed. I thought it would be good to know information. :)

P.S. You all know how much I like you guys! martin.meganath@gmail.com in case you want to add me on G-Talk. But you guys already know that since you read my blogs. (I have such a smirk on my face).

I looked at all the pictures again. Maybe 2 or 3 people do have nice pictures. Hmmm..

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