Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fine.. I'm Sorry! Alright!!

My men friends obviously know the correct intonation of the title of this post.

So, Delhi is not a bad city. People there DO NOT show off (they genuinely own choppers and Mercs). So what if all of them have a swimming pool in their backyards? They worked hard to afford it and NO they did not con anyone to make that money (okay, maybe one or two people). And YES, Goa is in the neighbourhood when you own a chopper. You low-life Mumbai lovers will never get it. Even Delhi has a lot of energy.. maybe even more than Mumbai (how else do you think we keep talking about ourselves everyday, till we die). Sachin Tendulkar is Indian so you cannot take credit for him (Just like Arnold Schwarznegger is from Umreeka). So what if we love Rajma Chawal and Chhole, don't you love your Vada Pav? And Rajma Chawal tastes much better, especially when my mom makes it. But I also like the one this guy makes at 2am and this 12 star hotel in Delhi also makes great Rajma Chawal.. but well, the point is, so what if we love Rajma Chawal. BTW, I hate Vada Pav.

Lun-dun IS a great city. Half my family lives there. I know. So don't keep assuming shit and just because you have a blog - don't go degrading my city and its people. We Londoners are very proud of being from London (hmmmm...). Also, Gurgaon has the biggest mall in the Milky Way. Did you even know that? You Mumbai loving idiot! You people have NOTHING in Mumbai. Your city stinks! Do you have the metro? Our metro is the worlds fastest. But obviously a local train loving piece of shit wouldn't know the pleasures of being in an air-conditioned train. But we only take the metro when the chopper goes for servicing. So don't ever say shit about Delhi. Okay?

I would write more but now I need to test fly my new jet.

P.S. Incase you haven't noticed - it's been called "Mumbai" all through this post.

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