Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm back in Pune after almost 2 months. Yes.. this is the city I love. It holds my soul no matter where I go. But is it home? I don't know. Technically Bombay should be home.

I got into Pune at 3:30am on Saturday and a more befitting welcome could have not been given. I drank with my elder brother at the place called Mini Punjab. They BTW have the timings on their menu as "Aapke aane se aapke jaane tak" (how nice!).

I have to admit, though Pune has my soul, Bangalore has certainly taken a piece of my heart. Bombay? Well it's Bombay. 5 days a week - absolute anonymity. While I like that, I think somewhere all of us like a little warmth (in the emotional sense) and let face it Bombay is not the place for it.

It's back to work on Tuesday (India bandh on Monday - rocks!).

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  1. Bombay is a warm city... ppl just let u be.. they dont interfere unless needed. n the Mini Punjab thing... very neat... very customer oriented... i like