Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michael Jackson died on the 25th of June. It was the death of an entire generation of music and the term legend was so small.

I spoke to a couple of people the next day and got some very mixed reactions. Some very sad, some not so sad, some accepting of the inevitable and some, those very few were in a way amused! It shocked everyone nevertheless. I was at least. I watched the whole episode unfold.

Now obviously this post isn't going to state the facts of what happened. Most people are probably just as aware as I am.

I listened to Michael Jackson's music as early as 1987 - really! My dad was a fan and though I didn't know who he was and way he sang like he had a flute stuck in his throat, I still liked the sound of "Billie Jean". Almost everyone will have a story relating to one of his songs. I remember having a friend (girl) who cried while watching the video for "Will you be there". It's another story that Jackson was singing that song ironically for a movie called Free "Willy". "Heal the world" was another wonder that somehow everyone had heard. My maid's children would come home when she was working and ask us to play "My-Kal Jak-Sun". That was his reach. I knew people who dedicated many years to the art of learning the moon-walk and could only master the crotch-grabbing move (not that it took any practice - but some still got it wrong, hurting themselves in a way that I can't imagine)!

I could tell you a lot of things about Michael Jackson or you could hit wikipedia yourself. Latter saves me the effort.

There were so many stories about him but few knew he was never convicted for Paedophilia. Money or Power you may say. Richard Nixon and Watergate happened in the same country I say. Wacko-Jacko may have been a very harsh nick to carry around for a guy who sold out for 50 shows between 2009 and 2010 in London way in advance. £85 million lost. The 39 charities he supported may not think of him as wacko, 13 Grammys and 13 number 1 singles, all albums at platinum and Guinness book's greatest entertainer ever is gone.

I heard a piece of news yesterday on BBC America - where a man named Sasha (yes, SASHA) said how Michael Jackson would have never been the same to his fans even if he was alive. The idiot (Sasha).

Some people even thought Michael was a faggot! Now at least hold to one thing. Faggot, pedo, wacko - none every proved. Thanks to the media they killed him before he was dead.

A good friend of mine – who is a huge hard rock fan once told me “No matter who or what you listen to, it could be Britney Spears or Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson is still the greatest ever”.

This post was not meant to preach anything. It was just my piece for Michael Jackson. The rest can “Beat it”.

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