Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Gooood!

I've realised that writing on my blog makes me let out a lot of things I want to otherwise say, but I don't (refer to networking, Industrial waste and the "my precious" - smoking kills).

Gona's getting married to Sonali. 16th Feb. He didn't tell me this, she did. It's a classic Gona and a classic Sonali. I'm very happy for both of them inspite of knowing that it just gave my mother a memory recall.

Vikram has almost got a new girl friend! She's very sweet (if my drunken memory serves me well) and (in his own words, not mine) HOT! So, he's getting back to his ways which I shall not specify here for the benefit of the audience this can reach.

Me? I'm always good!

It's all good!!

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