Thursday, May 27, 2010

Awesome.. No?

It's an awesome feeling when...

...You know people need you more than you need them but they will still pretend they're doing you a favour! You can see that look on their faces when you say you're not going to be there any more. That's when they wince and act like little puppies who've been devoid of any affection. They beg you to stay, you feel sad for them but you know you've got to go. Only, only if they'd not tried to be so cool!

...When someone who seems absolutely fancy to a whole bunch of mediocre people is insecure by your presence. They have this crazy need of TRYING to put you down. You know they're insecure coz anything you've done - they did it 700 years ago and 2000 times better. The moment you say something, they'll say "in my opinion..", except that you said 2+2 is 4!

...When people are not even convinced of what they believe in and yet they try to preach to you as if it were the gospel. It's just fun to sit back (preferably with a cold beer) and watch them rant on. Sooner or later they WILL contradict themselves and that's when you say, "But, I thought you said..." then sit back again and watch them trying to tell you why they were right both times even though what the said was different as day and night (get lots more of the cold ones!)

AWESOME!! Observe and see how good this feels!



  1. u r too tough on the world martin... dont suffer fools, but forgive people their weaknesses, even if they are petty...

    Now Im preaching... :-\

  2. who are you being so mean to?
    I have absolutely nothing witty or otherwise to say, but, wanted to leave a comment just because
    I feel like I am disappearing from the net. Believe it or not I have not been on FB for weeks! :)