Monday, March 22, 2010


I almost forgot about this one and it's certainly worth some space on the blog!!

The other day I was at the hospital for a medical check-up waiting to get a blood test done! The doctor was this old (probably Parsi) lady (The hospital was Ruby Hall - almost everyone is Parsi there) who asked me to keep my file on the table to the side. I ran up a quick conversation with her after which she said, "Since Martin you have such a charming face, I will put you through next".

Cool shit!! Who the man?? Reminds me of the other incident. I guess compliments are something you can never get used to. It always feels good!

Also, today is the first day in the last 6 years where I do not have a job! I don't start in Bombay till Monday next. It feels good to be a waste!

Pune has got it's own IPL team. I'm sure there isn't one person that reads my blog that gives a shit about it!

That's all for now. More wasted ramblings will follow soon..


  1. Welcome to the unemployed club, Marty! Next club meeting at my office! ;-)

    Also, dude, I DO give a shit about the Pune IPL team!! Now I can finally realise my dream of becoming a cricket superstar!!


  2. HA HA HA Vik! The day you become a cricket superstar I'll be GOD!