Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 days!

That's what is left of my work in Pune. Strange thing is I'm not so excited. I know at least one person who would always complain about how I was never excited about things. The truth is, I usually am - I just don't express it like others do. But in this case I'm sure there is no excitement, only a whole load of apprehension.

Also, this whole thing of not getting paid is leaving me feeling very insecure. Borrowing has never been my thing and now with the rent, deposit, moving charges (the society apparently charges you to move in), buying stuff, it's all freaking me out at some very minuscule level. It is freaking me out nevertheless. What helps is that the apartment is like a 10 minute walk from office. It is also smaller than some of the kitchens of the houses I've lived in (in Bombay it is considered a mid-size I'm told. In Delhi it would be criminal to live there!). No more fancy - only reality now!

I'm happy that I can come home over the weekends and some of the people who've worked with Maersk tell me that it's very laid back. "If you fire in you belly, move out in about a year", they said. Whatever with the fire and the belly (I wonder if that part was a personal remark) but I know this is going to be a challenge I've wanted to face for a long time (Living in Bombay, not working in Maersk).

All I need to now do, is find the closest wine shop!

P.S. Of late I've started receiving a lot of reminders to join facebook. Anyone know how I can get rid of those? Please mail me or leave the solution in the comment section of my blog (better still - use the damn phone).

Which means I'm still going to be "an obstinate mule".


  1. the fact that you need to ask people how to get rid of unwanted mail (there is a techie jargon for this which i shall not enlighten you about) should be reason enough to stroll out of the 90's into the noughties :)
    DUDE you are SO not with it :D

    P.S.: The apprehension is totally normal, I still get it when I am moving :)

  2. Oh, actually I did find the option of "unsubscribe" at the bottom after I wrote the post. Thanks for the help BTW. :)