Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our fragile lives...

Last night when I got back home from work, my mum told me that my elder brother was admitted in the hospital. He had to be taken there while he was at work. He had high blood pressure and the doctors even suspect he may have had a mild heart attack!

Richard, my elder brother, will not come across as someone who could suffer from this. He stands over 6'2" and is close to 85 kilos and is healthy as a bull (from where I see it). He's normally calm as a cucumber and doesn't really take too much load in life.

I saw him at the hospital (at about 1:30am) and he still had a normal looking smile and looked pretty "pink of health" to me. He asked for a book to read - which tells me he feels absolutely normal.

I don't know what to make of all this. What I do know is that his work stresses him out. Which makes me look back and I remember saying that it's just not worth it.

Our lives are way too fragile. I don't want to spend mine thinking about all the things that went wrong. I don't have the energy anyway. A very good friend of mine had to actually call me up (from very far) and tell me that I have become very wierd. That is just me - recuperating. It's me pulling all that I have together again. My instincts in the past have led me to be like this before knowing I'm going to need it. I know why.

Get well soon Richard!

And all of you out there - no matter how important something you do is to someone else, make sure it's important to you. Keep well.


  1. Hey....I hope he gets well soon...take care

  2. Hi....Anirudh showed me this post of yours. I remember your brother...I really do hope he is much better. Take care Martin and yes we still are friends, you ass!!