Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here's the Sun!

Since I moved to Bombay, I've never returned home while the sun was still up (simply, it's always dark by the time I reach). The travel time is usually close to and hour and a half. Today, for the first time, I'm back while the sun is still up (got home in 40 minutes).

Just as was begining to feel that this could be achieveable everyday, I'm told today is Ambedkar Jayanti and hence the travel time reduced by 50%. So there goes the hope!

I have to sit and figure an excuse to miss office on Friday - I have an interview in Bangalore. Well, loosies have a strange way of showing up on Mondays and Fridays. For anyone who has ever managed people - this is a well known fact. So I'm going to have to improvise. Maybe even kill a relative (atleast give them a heart attack).

It's been some crazy days in Bombay and now a friend from Pune (Rituraj) has also moved to Bombay. I already have a hangover thinking about the days ahead. Fun times coming up. Expect a lot of drunken blog entries. And I'm already sorry.

Some people wonder how I'm already moving my job in less than a month. I changed one job in 6 years, and let me tell you, while it helps you to be classified as stable (or incapable to finding another job), it doesn't help your bank balance too much. The goal is try and hit a 7 figure salary by 2011. Till then, try try try until you succeed, is the motto. So, with this new job I may even have to succeed in Bangalore.

No complaints.

Cheers for the future!!

P.S. It's 7 figure per annum. I'm not that fancy also.

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