Saturday, April 10, 2010

The city, the life and the people.

Last 2 weeks have been brilliant in Bombay. The city has enamored me just like the other people that swear by it. I'm told that it's too little time for me to make this judgement. Bombay is yet to test me and bring me to my knees and make me cry. The funny thing is that the people who have felt this, have usually felt it for reasons that I live each day. The traveling at peak hours with crazy traffic, the humidity and the pace of life. It makes you all feel so worthless - they say. I've been feeling worthless yes, but I'm enjoying it at the moment. Maybe, just maybe, I will break.

There is the stark difference between Delhi and Bombay that people often point out. In Delhi they say, "Bombay stinks" and in Bombay they don't talk about Delhi. I'm not berating Delhi here, it's just natural for me to make this comparison, since I was regarded as a "small town" guy while living in Delhi. Bombay couldn't give a shit if I was from Mercury! The people here hardly have a life - but then they have the vibrancy and attitude to make up for it. For the few moments that they live, they rock!

I've had two strange experiences in the last two days. I will not describe them here but the learning has been that in Bombay if you can't stand up for yourself even for a single moment - you will become lunch! People are helpful but you have to deserve their help. It's awesome, cause the moment you act weak, they'll ignore you like a rock on the street.

The work is still not as impressive. The people even far from it. But the good news is that I may even get another job. I get my role back, hopefully travel a lot and even make more money.

The indifference is addictive!

P.S. In Bombay everything can be home-delivered (use your imagination).

I love the stink!!

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