Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go again!

My work's been hell in the two weeks of Jan 2010. It's gone from bad to worse to being in a pool full of shit and you can't swim (yes, I know. That's shitty.). It's really become intolerable! It's one of things that makes you give up on hope. Each morning (afternoon) when I get ready to go to work my body starts starts failing on me. Just the other day something came up and I was so tensed that I actually ended up having loosies!!

My attempts that finding another job have hit a wall too. Somehow nothing seems to go my way. I've even tried prayer (this is being said in a very non blasphemous way)! One option is to screw everything and join Vikram (who is man enough to take the risk and setup his own "creative shop"), but then I know jack of what he does and plus I'm just not the type who'll take a chance (I told you - I'm boring).

But this whole thing has brought out one great quality in me. Ahimsa (Mahatma Gandhi would be so proud)! I've become non-violent, non-reactive, non-responsive, non-man! Not saying Gandhi was non-man - he took out the British and I can't even deal with my fellow country men! Being patient is like knowing that you're still stuck in the pool of shit, you'll eventually get out alive but the smell will stay on you forever! But what the hell, at least you're still alive. So what if you've changed a "little bit". If something doesn't happen fast - that'll be me!

Well, tomorrow is another day towards attaining nirvana through ahimsa (some shit like that).

P.S. I thought this would be good if it reached out a lot of people (not my post, but what I'm saying below)

Vikram as you know is starting his own "creative shop" which will do everything related to creativity. Yes, you guessed it. Ads, write-ups, photos, interior decoration, etc. etc. All he needs is a name. You see when babies are born, they don't come out being "Martin". You first make the baby then the name!

So, be kind and suggest some cool names. You will not receive any royalty incase he picks something you suggest. But surely if you suggest something stupid, Vikram and I will sit next weekend and bitch about you! :)


  1. hahahaha!

    Marty, join me. We have beer and cookies!


  2. A million things went crashing through my mind after reading this post of yours.....first of all...way to go for Vikthegreat...it’s not easy to start a business especially something like this..so kudos and all the best to him!! These names are silly but well here goes...Genius at work, Vikram’s veird vending vestibule, The all stop creative shop!!, The Nifty & Natty store…For ideas….drop in and be amazed!! :D, Men at work!!, You need it we make/create it store, Creativity at its best…., Creativity, innovation and beyond!! (er like…bed, bath and beyond!!), Up up and create!!!, Or up up and design!!, Vikrams creative emporium…..Though it’s his new shop...I bet he's got a real awesome name and tagline already....

    P.S: About your work situation.....cheer up, if only to enjoy the fact that we've all been there....following the Gandhian way or not!!

  3. Hello Deepti!!

    I think he may have already picked a name with some help from yours truly.

    And about the work.. I have fever today, thinking about going to work tomorrow. He he he.. But worry not, I will come out alive!

  4. @Vikram

    Beer and Cookies!!! Awesome!