Monday, October 19, 2009

Giving Up

I’d be lying if I say I’m not the quitting types. Anyone who says that would be lying. Patience after all, is a limited resource.

I’m trying to think of the many times that I have quit or given up. It could be on a simple task or complicated people. I’m trying to think of the times that may have mattered. I can find so many incidents where I just ran away or stopped trying. Honestly, I think it turned out alright but I just wonder what would’ve happened if I’d just kept on at it.

Winner never quit they say. Well okay, I’m not the winner types either then. I’m the type who’ll face something, know if I can deal with it or not and then just run away if needed. I’ve known people who always preached about never giving up and fighting till the last drop of blood in you and all that, but I think sometimes it’s a smarter decision to let go.

So, you’re wondering what’s all this about. You want to read the famous catch in the post? You think I’m going to say something smart? Huh? Well I ask you this – how can I say anything smart in a post that talks about me being a person who gives up on stuff. I know this is not the most self respecting thing to talk about, but it’s the truth. Personally I believe that everyone is like this. At some point or another we all give up. The one’s that don’t are called martyrs and certainly not Martins!

Let’s from here on stop referring to this act as giving up or quitting or running away. From now we shall call it “making choices”. So I was talking about the choices I’ve made. I think we should feel lucky that we have choices. When some one in a senior position in my company leaves they call it “pursuing opportunities”. My Foot!

So here’s the reason for this post. I’m soon going to “make choices” with my job. I just can’t handle the bureaucracy and convenient leadership. I’m tired of dragging the dead weight of incompetent people and receiving shit for work they can’t do. My job is the role I always wanted – but not in this place for sure. I’m going to pursue opportunities. I hope I find the opportunities though!

Who ever said winner don’t quit was lying through his teeth. I think winners make the right choices (unless of course they fight cancer or something like that).

Think about this – Winners never make choices or winners never pursue opportunities. Tell me now, don’t you agree it’s a load of monkey crap!

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