Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home bound!

I've quit my job in Bombay and am heading back home to Pune, again. After 2 years and 7 months. During this time, I can count the number of weekends I've spent in Bombay; 5. Not that I don't like Bombay, but I think I just love Pune way too much. A certain person did ask me why I wanted to quit and I told her that it was because I didn't get a promotion (and no one is even talking about when it'll happen) after slogging my behind for the last year and a half and managing (awesomely, from the feedback) some of the most difficult work this organisation had seen. She said I wasn't promoted because I wasn't "mature" enough!! Funny thing is, that I now have offers from two organisations much bigger (in Pune, to add salt to injury) asking me to join with a promotion and a super salary hike.


Without a doubt, the most crazy city I have witnessed up till now. I may see something crazier, but having seen New York and London, I seriously doubt it. To be honest, Manila (I feel) was crazier than London, and wasn't even a little blemish on Bombay's madness. Bombay probably brought out the best in me because people here are just amazing. You can understand why she is the commercial capital when you see how crazy the people here are at work. And I'm talking about people from all over the country that come here (including Dilliwalas - may be cause there's no daddy here.. hehehehe). People here have no time and yet they have the heart the size of Bombay. I've met some of the nicest people in my working career here and I do believe they'll be friends for life. I will always love Bombay and she will be my best teacher.

Immature me..

This has got to be a classic.

When I decided it was time to go, it was only because I didn't get recommended for a promotion (forget getting rejected after being recommended). I wasn't even told when I should really expect to get a promotion. The irony is, these are the same people that almost threatened me from taking up (what I think) would have been a awesome job in Manila (with that "immature" promotion), saying that I was making a huge "blunder" (I hope they understood the intensity of the word) and that I would never see the face of the team I'm in if I picked it. I hadn't intended on moving permanently anyway and either way, I'm sure they would have have elephants waiting to carry me home if I decided to come back. They will deny it of course saying that they didn't even try to retain me. Yes, they did not try to retain me. Only because they couldn't match anything I was getting. 1. Pune, 2. The salary (didn't really matter, but it will be awesome) and 3. A PROMOTION (on offer from 2 companies much much larger. I guess they must be immature too). The comeback line was "That's a shit company". My point was, "As compared to who? Us? Then they're still super kick ass at the moment".

I have principles. And unfortunately in this story I was the only one. I will someday write a detailed story on my joining experience (which was enormously crap). But I'll hold on to that for a few weeks. Maybe then I can even take names! Hahahahaha.


I'M COMING BACK!! How I missed her because of how much I know her.

I love everything about this city and everything loves me back. I'm happy to be "immature" in Pune, but I know I'll still look good. Peace descends on me when I come back every weekend. Most people in Bombay can't even understand the spirit we people from Pune have. They cannot understand why anyone would want to travel every weekend 200 kilometers to a little town. And I know several people that do this every week. The thing is only people from Pune can appreciate it. We may not have party places open till 2 am but we have good weather and big balconies to sit and drink till the early hours of the morning without having sweaty genitals! We may not have shit 'home delivered', but we can take a good walk (without being run over) to the grocery store, breathing cool breeze.  In a nutshell, I'm happier in Pune than anywhere else. I'm often told Pune is a laid back city for work, but mostly by people that don't have the cojones to come over and live a day and understand, we're far fucking ahead! I love Bombay yes, but Pune will always be my soul mate.


"You're making a big blunder".
"Because you don't know what you're getting into".
"But I'm sure I want to do this".
"No. I THINK, you are not sure".

These are reasons why people leave.

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