Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now.. now..

I think my ability to offend people without doing a thing is incredible! I'm beginning to see things around me where I haven't done a thing and people are pissed off. Okay, I may have done something really tiny and unimportant, but the shit works!!

It's so easy to watch people act as if they don't care and you know by some of the stuff they do - that in their heart, what they really want is to rip your head off!

So my friends, try this next time. If you want to piss someone off completely - do nothing, say nothing in fact don't even talk about them. Act like they don't exist. It's called indifference, I know. But believe me - a conspired indifference is a hundred times powerful than the real one!

Kick ass!!!


  1. nice. the 'cold treatment' syndrome!

    women have perfected that art form over generations and generations!


  2. I'll have to work harder at this... I've never been able to sustain "acting" indifferent...

  3. @vikram - So.. it's not the cold treatment.. and who're you calling a woman? Ass hole!!! :)

    @rashmi - Knowing you - you will never succeed at this. So leave it.

    Addendum - I don't try this everyday. Just once in a way when I think people deserve it. Also, if it were cold treatment - I'd expect a reaction. In this case, I don't. So Bhalley there you go!