Monday, July 9, 2012

My shit luck!

Of late, I find myself being extremely unlucky a lot of times. Not a very good combination I can tell you (extremely unlucky + a lot of times = you’re fucked!). Yes, I started noticing this with some really stupid things, but as they start becoming bigger, I’m getting that fucked feeling for which I discovered the basic formula.  The other thing I’m beginning to fear is that it’s getting stronger the more I talk about it. It’s like one of those things that feeds on people’s fears (or some other shit).

It started with those football games where every team I supported and spoke about, lost! Once I started noticing the pattern, I decided not to say anything and then the Italians got bitch slapped by Spain (whom I was secretly supporting and no one knew, of course). Then there was the famous “near death experience” I wrote about in my last post and yesterday, I was almost convinced that I’m being unlucky a lot of times and I am hence.. you know what! I watched the first set of the Wimbledon final (it’s no secret that I support Federer) and then I had people texting me and asking me to stop watching it. I decided to provide a little more proof to my theory and drove off back to Bombay. Federer won the next three sets, The Wimbledon and regained world number 1 ranking. Not like that part is news to any one (except my dearest friend Vikram Bhalla maybe).

I was telling people in office about my recent experience with bad luck and laughing about it when the security for the building called to tell me that someone had banged into my car in the parking. SOMEONE HIT MY PARKED CAR!! The audience to my earlier discussion was quite stunned as I was also talking about my “feeds on fears” theory. Now no one will talk to me. Not even that person no one talks to! On further investigation of the events leading up to the incident, the guard tells me, it’s just bad luck! Not like I needed for him to tell me that. The guys that hit the car, offered to fix it but ask me to “adjust”. Whatever the fuck he meant by that. I’m still trying to understand how he managed to hit my little car when it was parked between two cars that are the size of a truck! Bad luck I suppose.


Car banger – Boss, sorry. But please adjust.
Me – What is that supposed to mean?
Car banger – My car also got hit so many times and I never found the person who did it.
Me – That was your BAD LUCK! Ha!

There is hope. Yes.


  1. oh dear ;-( mart..sad to hear that anway i wish u some luck in near future ,may be somethings will happen your way .u are in my prayers .

  2. Hahaha
    Martin, I heard about the whole Federer winning all those things, by the way. It was on the front page of the bloody newspaper! Sports sections I skip, front page I do not! :-P

  3. Mart it seems funny bt getting dangerous. Wish u a very good luck from hereon and hope all ur bad luck has gone with the car banger. :-) take care