Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shaken, stirred and more

I know it’s been a lifetime since I wrote my last post. I’ve just been lazy and quite content with putting up fleeting thoughts on Facebook. Yes, you read that right and yes, for all those people that got trolled last year, you have been vindicated. I even have 585 friends (fuckin’ hell yeah!). How many do you have, huh?

A lot has happened in the last 5 months (damn, has it been that long?). The last post I wrote was about La Verde and since then, I’ve been to Manila twice again (for 6 weeks the second time), La Verde shut down, relocated and re-opened.  I was present for the shut down but not for the remaining festivities. But the good thing was that because they shut down, I discovered many other places and boy, am I glad I did! People think it’s awesome that I get to travel on my work to foreign lands (they also assume these are full of naked women ready to fall at your feet or… ahem). But honestly it is not all that. When you do travel, almost every single minute of your day is planned and every last drop of blood is sucked out from your body!! Okay, that may be a little too much but it is usually quite hectic and not always fun filled.

So what made me write after so long? I have been following this blog for some time now. Rami recommended it to me. Kima is a Mizo guy that lives in Bombay and after reading some of his stuff today, I really felt inspired to write again. Even if that means it’ll be just this one post. Apart from that, I’ve also been feeling completely betrayed at work, and I would usually hold back on saying something like this in a public forum so you can imagine the extent of my frustration right now. I would like to go into the details of what happened, but I don’t think anyone would be interested in that. Let’s just say, that after having worked my ass off so hard for the last one year, ignoring my near and dear, never having the time (and being absolutely pooped or shitfaced when I do have the time), I have just been let down  so bad. I usually like to think of myself as someone who would pick up the pieces and move on pretty quickly. But not this time, no. I refuse to be tormented by corporate decisions anymore. What am I going to do about it? That I will not mention here, but as with everything else in my life I have a plan and a plan B (and Plan B2!). But worry not, It won’t kill me (or so I hope).

The funny thing is I’ve always had amazing bosses. They have all been amazing human beings but I used to have a team of people working with me at one time and I think I was not a bad human being either, but most importantly I think I was a strong boss. This is what people look for; this is at least what I would look for.


Of late, I’m beginning to feel like age is catching up with me. Yes, I’m going to be 30 in November (*realization - holy shit!) and I still feel like I have so much to do. A lot of my friends, who not too long ago were getting married, now have babies or are pregnant or realizing their marriage is not working and I’m still a long way off square one. And I’m not a commitment phobe (well, not completely at least). To start with, I have started liking veggies, I love watching the news (financial news is orgasmic) and food shows and I cannot cross the road without thinking everyone of the motorists are a part of some conspiracy to knock my behind off the road. The other day I almost wore my trousers till my chest! Is anybody feeling what I’m talking about? The cock up is that people generally say the body ages and not the heart. For me it the other way round**! I FEEL OLD!! I think I’m just going to pick up my walking stick and leave now.

I haven’t stuck to the resolution that I made in the beginning of the year and that is not anything new as far as resolutions go. I remember about 10 years ago I started making resolutions every year for the next 5 to quit smoking. I quit making resolutions after.
More later. Hopefully.

P.S. **If your nose runs and your feet smell, you’re built the wrong way

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  1. Awwwwwww I feel awful For u ,coz u feel that way !! But tell you what ? U have done amazing blog by sharing your thoughts like this way , atleast u make an effort to share which I think is great because u know what I think in this busy (machine life) some people don't even bother and feel embrassed to share even little things which troubles them may be I am one among them I don't tell everybody my problems I Choose people to tell them who I think I can trust them ! My trust in them I mean . It's sad that what u thought like the way u wanted didn't happen life is shit it never happens like the way we wanted . But there is only so much a person can take it gets to point where it has reached Beyond your control where u canT control anything The way u wanted ! I really think bosses in india they make u work like dogs like that little money the way u were working so hard I could see and think mind it's not your fault the structure itself is like this . Its like u totally shit yourself to take that money Home .I was sitting and thinking omg why Martin works so hard ??? Yes it's true u kept ur loved away but it's not ur fault u live and learn and u were adapted to that situvation and environment and don't realise till some thing had to happen ! But wish the best for what ever plans u got hope it works well but never keep it building inside u please feel free to share like the way u did . I wanted to see on thrusday itself when I returned home but Herbert told u work too far from home u only come home in weekends then I thought how sad u get to see ur family only in weekend! But still u managed to say hello to me ! Thanks for that . . But even before I could bye bye to u , I open my eyes and u were gone :-(((( didn't get chance to speak much Nevermind it's not end of the world life is very short whether u don't realise it not time never waits for anybody I cannot believe what all things have happent to me but I have taken everything positive and moved on trust in god . There is always something better waiting A for u in the corner u only have to reach it to get that . U have grown up and I have grown up .things have changed life has moved on . I like the way u said u are veggie now lol;-)) .And don't think u are old U are still young I know u r heart is beating more faster when u think omg I am thirty now what have I done so far nothing really ;-))) just life experience . Think about people who are more worst situation than yours compared to them u are much better where u are right now !! I know somebody who is 100 plus till now they don't want to bloody give up they get up every morning make sure they going to live life for full they like Their independence and freedom. Seeing those kind of people i look in the mirror And say to myself I am have done nothing literally nothing:-( . Hopefully I haven't said anything to hurt u but take it postive what life has give u wish I could give u more motivation even I need some from u too:-)))))) .