Thursday, March 3, 2011

One more reason..

Boy walks up to HR today and submits a doctors certificate 'cause he's been out of office ill for 3 days - Monday to Wednesday. HR graciously receives the letter and gives him some human resources speak on how he should take care of him self and how due to the weather change people tend to fall ill and how he needs to put on some weight.

In 15 minutes I knew the boy was staying alone, was from Nashik, had an elder sister who was getting married after a month, his father had retired from a bank and his mother was a teacher. The sympathy our HR gave him was outstanding. All of it was very touching.

5 minutes later

The HR lead for the boys department calls his boss and tells her he needs to see this chap again. The boy is there to see the HR, coughing and sniffing his nose - obviously due to the weather change.

Someone has sent HR a cropped picture of his Facebook profile which shows his status on the last 3 days and included some pictures from the 3 days just to add some insult to injury. Turns out our boy was in Goa, partying his arse off!!


P.S. He has been fired.


  1. that happened to me, at uni.
    what the point in being a good liar, if you're going to plaster Facebook with your life?
    lesson learnt.

  2. Really! Hahahahaha.. and I thought THAT boy was unique!!

  3. That is right Rashmi. A person actually lost his livelihood, his "friends", his confidence, his chance at getting another job and he will be scarred forever! All because of FB.

    I'm smiling ear to ear at the thought of it!!