Friday, February 11, 2011

BBB3 and OGQ

After years and years and years of having the most uncool phones, I now have a Blackberry. Not just any Blackberry. The Bold 9780 A.K.A Bold 3. Which is probably one of the coolest phones to have (for people with a job that expects them to be reachable most of the times). Having the Blackberry (hereafter BB) also made me realise how many of my friends use the I-Phone. But I have to say, the coolest thing about my BB is the BB Messenger (BBM) and Texas Hold'Em King (a poker game I love). In fact I spend more time playing poker than doing anything else on the new phone.

So, how has my life changed. It has not. I could have done just as fine with out the BB. But yes having the BB does make me feel less embarrassed about removing my phone and saving someones number. Somebody actually once told me, "what is that"?. I do not need to start up my laptop each time I get home, mails will be accessed on the BB. It all feels awesome!

The other thing that my phone in particular has over the other BBs (except a certain "Torch") is icons through which I can connect directly to FB, Twitter and myspace. What a waste - I know!! There is also a very cool app which reads my emails and messages while I'm driving and the woman's voice I quite nice I must say.

As you can all see, I am pleased with my self. Maybe, just maybe, FB will be next!

The other day we had this presentation in our office by an ex-Indian hockey team captain called Viren Rasquinha. So, there's a body they run called the Olympic Gold Quest. Their idea is to collect 100 rupees from a million people to support upcoming sportsmen. I was quite impressed (I rarely am with presentations) with the presentation itself and also Viren's presentation skills. I later read he's an MBA from ISB Hyderbad, which explains a lot. There are some interesting stories of  Indian sportsmen, but the one that stands out is that of M C Mary Kom. An impressive 5 time world boxing champion. It's one of those stories that inspires.

Well anyway, since I've been somewhat of a sportsman myself in the day, I think I will support this cause especially since I'm convinced the money will not go some corrupt bureaucrat.

P.S. I realise this post is not my usual useless rant about random stuff. I promise one will be on it's way soon.
You cannot make fun of anything I said about my Blackberry - I understand a lot of the things I have spoken about were in existence since time began!

The photo of Viren is from the BB!! :)

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