Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holidays.. Holidays.. and more!

Two long weekends now.. Ironically this week is for Muharram - a day of mourning and next week is for Christmas - a day for (apart from the binge drinking) celebration! And as with 99% of the world's working class population, all I care about are the long weekends!

In other news - I've been traveling. No, not like a globe trotter more like a have-no-choice traveler. Since I "travel" to Pune every weekend, people think it's in my blood to travel (some shit like that). So the week before last it was Bangalore and then last week was in Calcutta. "Kolkata" actually kind of sounds cute when the Bengalis say it. Use a slightly nasal tone and say "coal-kha-taa". So well, Bangalore was as pretty as ever and shit cold. Calcutta was as ugly as ever and the cold was even shittier but the people I must admit are nicer than most. Then I got back to Pune after all this and the Pune cold made Calcutta look like Miami! Bombay for some strange reason is also very cold. I'm sure by now you get the point that I'm very susceptible to cold temperatures but the winter has to be my favourite season (in India)!

I also plan to WFH on 31st Dec, but I have been told I need to wait till the 28th to get permission. The reason? "In case something urgent or unexpected comes up". Sometimes I really want people to say a statement to themselves, calculate the stupidity of it and then blurt it out. It'll help them from sounding like a donkey! But I shall in the mean time pray nothing urgent or unexpected comes up on the 28th for the 31st. If it does, then I'll just have to kiss all my relationships good bye. The chances are very bleak though (that something will come up) and I'm still trying to get over the statement.

There has also been a crazy surge in my work and I'm not ashamed to say that I still don't need more than 8 hours to do the job. But I have come to realise your "work load" or "no bandwidth" is directly proportional to the number of times you sit on you seat with your head in your hands or act as if you're deaf when some one talks to you while continuing to stare into your laptop like you've seen one for the first time. Better still, skip a few meals.

Looking at my previous posts I realised I haven't said much about my workplace. "Let me state very clearly" that this does not mean I enjoy this place. But I won't say otherwise either.

Also, there have been more additions to married couples in the last few weeks. Thankfully, I've never been the one to give into peer pressure. The only thing I do want to say is that I wish people would stop being so freakin' fake! If you're balls are in your mouth at the thought of getting married, just say so. Don't act like this is the happiest moment of your life cause it's not. It'll become the happiest moment of your life after 10 years yes - but right now if you admit you are a scared wimp, I would say you're just nervous. But telling me this is the happiest moment of your life while you chomp your fingernail way past it can be comfortable says more than you can tell me. All the best to all the married and to-be-married-soon people anyway.

Recently a good friend of mine, who I can claim I know better than most people do, gave me a whole load of shit on relationships or rather "fucking relationships". I tried very hard to explain to my friend that this was just one of those "I'm too awesome for a relationship" trips that people have. But then my friend was too awesome for a relationship. Whatever happened later is another story, all I can say is I smiled to myself when my friend returned to being normal. The moral of this paragraph after the previous one is to stop being fake. It's a lot easier.

I think I've said a lot for today. Plus I now need to hold my head in my hand for a little while. I'm done with typing away on the laptop and acting so deaf that some of my colleagues were actually talking bad about me while sitting beside me! The workload I tell you...

More later...

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  1. Damn, Marty! That was quite a rant!!

    You know I'm completely with you on the marriage thing! It's messed up, for sure!!

    Anyway, if you're in Pune, I'm going to see you soon!!