Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maybe I am OLD.

It's unbelievable how annoying I find 21 year olds. They're way too noisy, they try too hard and they have no clue of who Guns N Roses are. Also, they refer to everyone as "dude"! My generation would find that slightly impersonal. Imagine Vik, if I were to only refer to you as dude. And Rami, I wouldn't dare do that to you! Although, when I do want to let people know that I'm not accepting their "advances", I will constantly refer to them as "Dooooode".

I will use dude once in a while, but yes, more often than not (if I must) I prefer a derivative of a persons name.

If I was younger, I would spend less time discussing PS3 and more time working a basketball strategy on a real court.

P.S. The supreme court has passed a very interesting law on live in relationships. Women can now claim alimony even cause they were living in with a guy.

One more reason for one night stands. Not for me, for the "other" boys. Go Vik!!!


  1. You know, at first it was "man". Then "dude" caught on. Not that long ago, "bro" was born...

    But last week, I swear I heard a "cool" kid call another man "BRA"!!!!!

    BRA??!!! Really??

    Either we're growing older, Marty, or the world is getting dumber!!

  2. HA HA HA.. Ya Vik, I've heard that too..

    How are you anyway, BRA?

  3. I've been a little "pulled down", lately... Think I might need a "push-up"...!!

    What's up with you, PANTY??!!