Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Et tu, Mom?

My mom has a facebook account. I was probably the last person to find out about this. While I suspect that devil Herbert having something to do with it, I will need to investigate this myself when I get home this weekend.

I'm now officially the only person in my family who does not have a facebook account. Actually no. My 86 year old grand mom doesn't have an account too. HA!!

P.S. Has google been playing up or is it just me? I was sent some weird verification code on my mobile phone and after years and years of using g-mail, I had to change my password and then today I found that I'm following my own blog! If that isn't conceited!!!
Also, FACEBOOK is NOT recognised by the dictionary! One more HA!!

Yes, I know how pathetic I sound.


  1. sometimes im prety sure im only on facebook to keep track of how many people i know, or how many pictures are up of me. so kudos to you for not giving into this ridiculous movement of web bonding.

    but it is kinda fun at the end of it all :P

  2. @Natasha - I'm sure it's fun!! :)
    And you are brave to be honest!

    @Rest of you - Take a cue! Out with your secrets

  3. Mart!! Dude did u find out if the job was of lil Monster

  4. @Karthik - Though he completely denies it, I'm sure he's guilty!

    When I asked my mom, she said, "Who facebook"?

    I guess that explains a lot.