Thursday, September 30, 2010

"WFH" and the Big Verdict!

WFH is an acronym for "Working from home". That's my status on G-Talk today and honestly, I'm quite frustrated with people taking a dig at what "WFH" is. And everybody, just EVERYBODY thinks F stands for fuck! There are a million other words that start with F, but no, fuck takes the crown for the most popular F word! So anyway, since atleast 9 people will be educated after reading this post.. could you please put this on your facebook accounts and let's see if the concept of 6 degrees really works. I know some dumb-fuck will still ask me what "WFH" means the next time I put it up on my status. Blah!

Now the reason for WFH is that today is the big verdict for the Babri Masjid demolition. Read up about the mosque on wikipedia and I found a lot of interesting stuff on it. We'll leave that for another discussion. The verdict as you know is coming out almost 18 years after the demolition. A kid born around then could be legally married today.

The reason for this post is that, first, I wanted to make sure I "spell" WFH out and second, working from home is extremely boring. Specially when the TV has nothing interesting on it and you are that stage in your work where everything is moving smooth.

Oh wait, I found something interesting to watch on TV. The news. Commonwealth Shames in Delhi!

P.S. Microsoft office 2003 does not recognise the word 'blog'. But try spelling Microsoft in lower case.

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