Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Or maybe not just yet..

So, I decided against it.. That should tell you how many decisions I make and stick to!

I didn't have anything to really inspire me and it was beginning to get boring to write and just then, Rituraj (my house mate in Bombay) called to tell me he'd become a father! I know how happy it made me to know that - don't ask why!

So, I sit back and think. In Bombay, I realised Rituraj is mostly all I have. When I need sound advice, help in any way or even something as simple as 'transporting' the girlfriend from Pune to Bombay airport, he's the only person I can look to.

Now I really can't wait to get back from Bangalore (to meet his little son, if nothing else). I've been away from Pune longer than this before but I've never missed it as much. Bangalore is great. But now I understand what they mean by "Home is where the heart is".

P.S. Next time I say I'm going to stop writing, check the time of the post. If it has been written at some ungodly hour - you know what may have transpired.

And please be nice and say "Welcome back Martin".