Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be a man!

Last Saturday I went out with a few colleagues to this club called Athena in Bangalore (I refuse absolutely to call it 'Bangaluru'). It was a good time. A certain colleague had a bike which he was too lazy to drive (and strangely, so he walks) and I rode the bike to this next stop we were going to make. I'm going to cut this long story short.

I rode past this place where I saw this VERY HOT woman standing on the road side with another guy. I didn't think much about it. I had to stop ahead so the (poorer) people on foot could catch up with me. Just then that VERY HOT woman came up behind me, sat on the bike and said "Let's go"! I was stunned (and have to admit, even a little scared) at first. She wanted to be "dropped" down the road. Well, so I rode her down to about 50 meters and she got off and started making conversation. She had terrible hiccups and I told her she needed to go get some water. The only other thing I remember of that conversation is that she said she's from a small town on the border of Bihar and Nepal and then she gave me her name (which I obviously forgot). I left her there saying I needed to catch up with my friends coz I don't know my way around. The end.

My "men" friends are obviously not very impressed with me. Yes I agree she was a stunner but hey, I'm good too! People here tell me that this happens in Bangalore. Yeah, maybe you should call this city BANG-A-LOT!

Well, I think it takes more of man to say "no", knowing you have someone. This is my opinion and yes I'm ready for a debate FUCKERS!

P.S. The women that know about this incident have all had the very same opinion about this girl which is quite the opposite of what the men think. Can one hormone really make so much difference?


  1. Good Boy Martin!!!! Im proud of you :-)

  2. Martin, I'm booking my tickets to Bangalore RIGHT NOW!!

    I need to come there and, ummm... see if there are any opportunities to do work there!!


  3. Yes Vik. Opportunities are aplenty!! :)