Saturday, September 19, 2009

I miss you..

I miss you very much. I wake up and go to bed with this feeling. Though I may smile and laugh and seem to have a good time, you’re always in the back of my head. I never stop thinking about you.

I remember so many things about you that now I realized how much I could have loved you if only I knew then what I’d feel today. I only wanted you to be a little better.

I miss your innocence and the simplicity in your life. Nothing was complicated about you – I only understand now. You had the biggest heart. You’re parents were so proud of you. You have the greatest friends in the world and I can only be thankful to God, they’re still around you.

What I loved most about you was how you never cared about little things. Your hair was a mess and you know it – but you knew you were still attractive. You may not have been the best looking person but you walked without a care. You cared so much about your family and they trusted you with their life. Your life revolved around the simple pleasures of Ice-cream and Friday evening movies. The girls and boys appreciated you just as much while you remained yourself.

I remember so vividly the times you’d be by yourself and still feel complete. I know now why you were always so happy. You never needed anyone, but you always had someone.

I wish I could be like you. But I know I will never be. No matter how hard I try, I look back and realize you were still a step ahead. I questioned you so many times back then but today I know you were always right. You may have seemed immature then but I can’t remember a wrong decision you made.

Today, I can only wish I could go back and tell you that you were right. I know how you felt those days when you were made to believe you were wrong. You’re ambitions were good, you’re heart was clean and you loved without repent. I want to say thank you for being in my thoughts, so I can still look back and ask myself what you would do when times were bad. I know not too much has changed – all I have to do is ask you.

I really miss you so much Martin at age 16.

P.S. Think about it!


  1. dude, wherever they are, I bet 16 year old Martin and 16 year old Vikram are still having an incredible time..

    lucky bastards...